Our Story

Part 1: The Beginning

We were in the market for land when we came across this beautiful piece of property. When the purchase was made we were not sure what we were going to do with the barns that were on the land.

Part 2: The Reason

Our son got engaged to his long time girlfriend and the journey began for finding a wedding venue. His fiancé wanted a outside wedding with a barn. They were looking for a nice place for a solid price. After searching through many different venues one thing became very clear. Wedding venues are priced at a very high price point.

Part 3: The Why

When our son brought his fiancé out to the property and she saw the views, the land, and the barn she fell in love with it. We had never even thought about having a wedding venue until they asked if they could use the barn for their wedding. So, the renovation project began. As things kept coming together, we started thinking about other people. All the people looking at these same high-priced venues that our son and soon to be daughter-in-law were looking at. That is when we decided to make it available to anyone that is looking for a reasonably priced venue. We are hoping to allow people the opportunity to have the wedding of their dreams for a dream price.


Information regarding availability, pricing, and requirements may change without notice.

Our Approach

We are offering a beautiful, Christian-based venue for your wedding, which includes Friday set-up, rehearsal & rehearsal dinner, and then Saturday wedding & reception, and cleanup by 12 pm on Sunday.  We want to share the beauty of the mountains and wonderful atmosphere with a fair priced venue for everyone to enjoy and not break the bank.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in using our beautiful venue for any of your wedding, please click the icon to the right to get in contact with us.